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The Paulding Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s office is a law enforcement agency (certified by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council of Georgia), and so we are a public safety organization; we greatly appreciate the Chamber’s recognition of our office as such. All of the people who work in the District Attorney’s office are dedicated to the ideals that are embraced by all career Law Enforcement and Public Safety personnel – whether they are E.M.T.s, radio dispatchers, patrol officers, detectives, crime-scene technicians, or clerical workers, like my mother was for twenty years with the Atlanta Police Department. Like other public safety organizations, our District Attorney’s office public safety personnel have different faces – some are certified law enforcement officers, some are lawyers who are Assistant District Attorneys, some are Administrative Assistants, and some are advocates who care for the victims of crimes. All of our staff members play a significant role in law enforcement and public safety in our office. Of course, the ones most often overlooked are our Victim-Witness Advocates, those individuals in our office who deal with people who have just lost a loved one to some crime or tragedy, or lost property to a fire or theft, or have had a loved one who has had to seek medical or psychological help because of an assault or molestation. This, in my mind, is one of the most difficult jobs in the District Attorney’s office.

When I took office nearly seven years ago, I was fortunate to find already there in the Victim-Witness Advocate’s office Jamie White, whom I had already known for several years. She was a Victim-Witness Advocate then, but I soon had the opportunity to ask her to take the position of Victim Witness Coördinator for the District Attorney’s office, to manage and build an effective Victim-Witness Advocate team, and I am still thankful every day that she agreed to take on that difficult task. She has taken the lead and has administered that unit with great skill and with a real passion for the law and especially for the victims whom the law serves. She is as conscientious and industrious as she is hard working, and she works harder than anyone else in the District Attorney’s office. Jamie White has dedicated herself and her professional career to helping others in the most stressful and distressing times of their lives, and she does this demanding and sometimes exhausting job very, very well.

There were three Victim-Witness Advocates when I took office – there are now seven Victim-Witness Advocates and four other staff members in that unit. Frankly, it’s the one unit in the office about which I never worry. I know it’s in good hands and that it always will be in good order, so long as Jamie White is willing to continue as my Victim Witness Coördinator. Please stay….

There’s an Irish ballad, Eileen Aroon. The last verse is this: “Beauty must fade away! Youth will in time decay! Castles are sacked in war! Chieftains are scattered far! Truth is a fixed star!”
We search for truth every day in the DA’s office. But whether we find it or not, Jamie white is our fixed star!
There is no one in the Paulding Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s office more deserving of this recognition and this award than Jamie White, our Victim Witness Coördinator.